NASA is Planning to Bring a Small Part From an Asteroid to Earth by 2023


Over the centuries, people have always been fascinated by space. Before the first man set foot outside the Earth’s atmosphere, every scientist and free thinker tried to find answers for the riddles surrounding space.

Nowadays, we have modern technology and we have created an outstanding technique that allows us to study the Universe. Even so, we haven’t found all the answers and a lot of elements still remain a mystery.

The OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft is about to land on Bennu, the asteroid which NASA plans to bring on Earth

After years and years of research, NASA thought to bring a small part of an asteroid to our planet. This would give them the opportunity to find out if these rocks are a serious threat for the Earth. Scientists are planning to do that by 2023 and are preparing the field as we speak.

In a month, NASA will send the OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft on Bennu, an asteroid which is suspected of being hazardous. Thanks to OSIRIS-Rex, scientists will be able to have a good look at the celestial formation. Now, they will analyse it and see if they can bring a piece of it on Earth.

What they know so far is that Bennu is shaped like a diamond and looks like Ryugu, an asteroid which is currently studied by the Japanese during a mission called Hayabusa-2. Julia de León, a member of the team involved in OSIRIS’s mission said that they are hoping to cooperate with the Japanese.

Since Hayabusa-2 reached its target ahead of the Americans, NASA is hoping to compare their data with the information brought by OSIRIS-Rex. The spacecraft is expected to reach its target by December 2nd this year. If the mission succeeds and a piece of Bennu will be brought on Earth, scientists can see how it’s built down to atomic level.


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