NASA Believes Jupiter’s Moon Europa Might Hide Alien Life Just Three Centimeters Under Its Surface


A new study shows that there’s a high possibility that right under the surface of Europe, there might be traces of alien life. Until now, scientists had high hopes that Europa could host some kind of extraterrestrial life, but having a harsh climate and an impenetrable surface, they couldn’t find any proof.

However, we know that alien life might look totally different than we can imagine, so the new study explains that Europa could hide traces of life under the surface, where radiation from the surface will not wipe it. Scientists believe that amino acids – traces of life – could be under the surface of the icy moon, surviving for over 10 million years.

The paper was published in Nature Astronomy, claiming that radiation doesn’t penetrate too much of the moon’s surface, so traces of life can survive if they live under at least 3 centimeters underground.

With this discovery in mind, when a craft gets on the moon, it won’t have to dig too deep to find traces of alien life. It’s also a relief to the space agencies that don’t have the ability to create something that can dig too deep.

According to Tom Nordheim, a Nasa scientist who specializes in icy worlds like Europa and habitability explains that NASA must first focus on landing on the right place of the moon, that is on top of it. It is there where they could discover proof of alien life.

Fast Forward to 2022

As for when will NASA send crafts to Europa, they have an initial mission in 2022 to fly by the moon and then explore a proper landing place. Then, a lander will start roaming the surface. NASA predicted they would find alien life in the next 20 years, Europa being their best hope.

Scientists believe that under the moon’s crust, the vast liquid ocean could be perfect to make the moon habitable. But the fact that large amounts of radiation hit the moon could spell destruction to all signs of life.


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