NAFTA Talks: Canada Threatened With Exclusion If No Deal Reached By October 1st


The pressure is mounting as we approach the wrap up of NAFTA talks, a senior source indicates that Canada is okay with missing that deadline, although Canada is threatened with exclusion if no deal reached by October 1st.

The before-mentioned source, interviewed by CBC News, stated that external political pressure “is not a good enough reason” to push Canada into taking a decision faster than needed. The Mexicans are urging Canada to decide and formally sign an agreement with Mexico and the United States before December 1st when Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mexico’s new president, takes office.

To meet the December 1st deadline, the United States also has to clear some legal hurdles. On the other hand, Canada, according to the CBC source, is willing to try to accommodate the timeline but it also desires to take the negotiations beyond the end of the month.

Canada Threatened With Exclusion If No Deal Reached By October 1st if Not Obeying Donald Trump’s Terms

But, the President of the United States Donald Trump announced that the US and Mexico reached an agreement in principle morph NAFTA into a bilateral deal only between the US and Mexico, in case Canada is refusing to accept the NAFTA talks in his terms.

“Mexico stated from the beginning of the negotiation that the ideal scenario is for NAFTA to remain trilateral. We hope the US and Canada will conclude their bilateral negotiation shortly. If that is not possible we are ready to advance bilaterally with the US, the agreement in principle that we closed with the US is positive for Mexico because it preserves free trade and modernizes our trade agreement,” wrote Mexico’s chief NAFTA negotiator, Kenneth Smith Ramos, on Twitter.

However, turning the NAFTA talks into a bilateral agreement between the US and Mexico is improbable as the US members of Congress are still aiming towards a trilateral deal as they stated they wouldn’t support NAFTA without Canada.


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