Mysterious Radio Signals in Deep Space Puzzle Researchers


Fast Radio Bursts (also known as FRB) have puzzled scientists for years. The strange bursts of energy cannot be tracked down to the source, and there is no concrete theory that may explain how they appear.

A recently published study describes over twelve new FRB that have been observed, but it seems that there is still no definite information about their elusive origin.

It is obvious that researchers are not happy about it, but they hope that some answers may appear as they continue to observe and classify each FRB spotted, in order to find a suitable explanation.

Researchers from the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia have analyzed data collected by the ASKAP dish network in order to find new information about the FRBs. The team has managed to discover 20 FRB, and 19 were not spotted before.

The exact nature of the FRBs remains a mystery. Most fast radio bursts are only seen once, but some tend to appear again and again, allowing researchers to speculate on their nature and possible source.

One of the most popular theories argues that FRBs may be caused by stars that collapse while they are near a black hole. As the star disintegrates, it releases powerful blasts of energy that travel through space. Even if they happen far away from our planet, like millions of light-years away, they can be detected when they reach our planet.

The first fast radio burst was discovered back in 2007 when two researchers were looking through pulsar survey data. The only constant FRB is FRB 121102, which resides in a galaxy that is approximately 3 billion light years away, which further reinforces the theory that FRBs do not originate in our home galaxy.

Another theory regarding their existence involves large-scale quantum mechanics theories, but as of now it cannot be verified since we do not have the means to test the proposed conditions.

The mystery may be solved in the future as science will advance.


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