“Mysterious Radio Bursts” Detected By Alien-Hunting Artificial Intelligence Program


Humanity has developed such impressive technology that now, artificial intelligence helps discover alien life in the universe by discovering mysterious radio bursts.

Space Signals From a Galaxy 3 Billion Light Years Away

It is called the Breakthrough Listen program, and it uses AI technology to search for fast radio bursts (FRBs). Until now, the program found 72 new mysterious space signals from a far away galaxy.

Space is huge, so finding alien signals is very difficult. The hardest task is not to collect the data, but to search through it.

But that is why the Breakthrough Listen program exists. Scientists have created an AI and machine learning technology to hunt for FRBs within the data caches.

And because robots are faster than humans and don’t get tired at all, the AI can dig through terabytes of data without complaining. The latest discovery was after the program searched through 400 terabytes of data collected in August last year.

The Only Repeated Fast Radio Burst- FRB 121102

The program found new signals which weren’t previously discovered by man. They came from outside our galaxy, as “repeater” FRB 121102 – the only one picked up so far.

FRBs are known to be millisecond pulses of radio emission from galaxies far away. Breakthrough Listen found 23 bursts from 121102 by using the Green Bank Telescope – West Virginia.

Then, Gerry Zhang, who is a Ph.D. student from the University of Berkeley), created a learning algorithm to analyze the Green Bank Telescope data from 2017. The improved algorithm found 72 more bursts which weren’t detected until now. All Zhang and his team had to do were to optimize the algorithm like internet tech companies do when it comes to optimizing search results or image classification.

These new measurements of radio bursts will be a step forward in finding out what power is behind the mysterious sources.


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