More Than A Thousand Deep-Sea Octopuses Spotted In California


Scientists made an amazing discovery last week, when they spotted more than one thousand deep-sea octopuses. They were seen curled amongst rocks on the ocean floor. The cluster was seen off the coast of Monterey California.

The discovery made scientists excited: “What’s really amazing is we never saw an end to them. And we still don’t know the full extent of how many octopuses are down there. We know there are at least a thousand, there could be a lot more.” Said Chad King, chief scientists on Nautilus.

Deep-sea octopuses

The octopuses that were seen are a species named Muusoctopus robustus. They were light purple and almost all of them were females. The video footage shows them wrapped around the dozens of eggs that they are incubating.

“This is what they do, they go into the unknown. We’ve explored less than one percent of the world’s deep sea, and this is what can happen because we don’t know about it. This is a rare discovery, only the second of its kind and the largest of its kind. This is a brand new story to tell,” said King.

At the moment it is unclear why the octopuses have chosen that place. It was however noticed that the spot appeared to be the site of some seep and fluid was flowing from the underground. However, scientists did not manage to identify the fluid yet. The water also had a faint shimmering.

“One of the burning questions we have is what is causing that shimmering. They’re choosing this area for a reason,” added King. The only similar discovery was back in 2013 when 100 octopuses were found off the coast of Costa Rica. “It’s unbelievable. Having a second site means there’s that much more opportunity to learn so much more,” declared  Ph.D. student Anne Hartwell at the University of New Hampshire.


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