Meteor falling from the skies has been spotted in Queensland, Australia


A picture of a meteor flying through the air, brightening Queensland’s skies have been captured by several of people from the southeastern part of the state in Australia, have seen or heard a falling meteor, which appeared a while after 10 PM.

Among the thousands who were outside at that time was Craig Turton, a photographer that happened to capture the phenomenon. He did not expect to image a falling meteor when he endeavored to a quiet block north of Brisbane with his cameras.

The photographer had wanted to take advance of the clear and fresh evening to capture the landscapes of the stars mirroring North Pine Dam. However, during a 15-second exposure against the south-west, he spotted a huge flash.

“I saw it come right down in the sky, so I just hoped while the exposure was going that I actually captured it,” he said.

Turton explained that he captured the bottom two-thirds of the meteor in the photograph. He was, indeed, in the right place at the right time.

People also reported spotting the plummeting flash on social media, and others said that they felt their homes grumble or shake from the impact, especially in the north and west of Brisbane.

The meteor occurrence is probably because of the ‘Taurid Swarm,’ a cloud of waste left behind by a huge comet that is believed to have been the culprit for disastrous impacts in the past, for instance, the renown Tunguska event in Russia. A suspected meteor has destroyed two thousand square kilometers of forest in Siberia during that event in June 1908.

The Earth gets near the Taurid Swarm twice per year, with increased meteor activity in June, July, and October.

However, our planet is now the closest it has been to the swarm since 1975. Astronomers are taking advantage of this to observe the waste could for any probable objects that could pose a threat to the Earth in the future.


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