Mars at Opposition with the Blood Moon: When Will This Happen?


We all know that the Blood Moon total lunar eclipse will make its appearance in about two weeks, and we also know that Mars is now larger and brighter in the sky, but is there a possibility for the two of them to happen at the same time?

People will meet the Blood Moon on the 27th of July, on a Friday, at late evening hours. Meanwhile, Mars will be brighter on the night sky and will be placed directly opposite the Sun – the Earth will be placed in between.

Affelia Wibisono who is an astronomer from the Royal Observatory Greenwich said in a statement that on the 27th of July, when Mars will be at opposition, the total lunar eclipse would also happen and it will be visible from the UK. This whole thing is exciting!

What’s planetary opposition?

Planetary opposition happens when two objects from space make a straight line in opposite sides of the astronomic sphere – this is what is seen from the Earth. This event also shows that a planet is at its closest to Earth.

This planetary opposition event happened before, on the 27th of June, when Saturn reached its closest point to Earth and it was also the brightest so far.

The closeness of the Red Planet will make the planet look brighter than Jupiter at night. Let us remind you that Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system.

The moment when Mars comes in opposition on the 27th of July, it will be at its closest since 2003 – in 2003 it was closer than it has ever been in 60.000 years. This is expected to happen around 12 hours before the eclipse will, at 8.50am BST.


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