Mars 2020 Rover Will Send Audio and Video Data from Mars


There’s still a few years until NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover will get to Mars, but we’re all excited to get some videos and sounds from Mars! In February 2021, the rover will touch the surface of the Red Planet and begin its mission. With the help of the DPA Microphones and the equipment on the Rover, the robot will be able to capture images, sounds, and videos as it descends through the atmosphere and lands on the Martian surface.

The Omnidirectional Microphones will capture a high-quality sound, and the MMA-A Digital Audio Interface will record and send the audio data to a computer through a USB connection. The microphones will have MMP-G Modular Active Cables that work as preamplifiers.

DPA Is “Honored to Be Part of this Mission”

Right now, the rover is still being assembled by a team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena. The DPA equipment will be installed in the future months. The product manager at DPA Microphones, René Mørch, stated that they “honored to be a part of this mission” because their “products will be in space indefinitely, which is a testament to DPA’s quality and resiliency.”

Mars 2020 Rover will take seven months to get to Mars and will be exposed to extreme conditions like extreme temperatures as it travels in and out of the atmosphere while the rocket produces intense vibrations. This is why the team that designed the spacecraft had to find a way to mount the MMA-A interface so that it would be in the chassis. The microphone will let the public and scientists hear the sounds when the Rover passes through the Martian atmosphere, providing a new experience for everyone.

As soon as the rover lands on Mars, the computer aboard will bather the audio and video data from the entry, descent and landing and send it back to Earth for educational purposes. The video and audio part of the mission is not critical, but they are an extra piece of information engineers and scientists could use.


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