Lunar Meteorite Dubbed “The Moon Puzzle” Sold For Over $600,000 at Auction


A chunk of the moon that fell on Earth and was found in 2017 was just sold at a Boston auction house for over $600,000. This piece of lunar meteorite a most significant find.

The RR Auction house announced that the meteorite that was composed of six pieces that fit like a puzzle was sold for $612,500. The Executive VP at RR Auction, Bobby Livingston, stated the following:

“The winning bid came from a representative working with the Tam Chuc Pagoda Complex, located in Ha Nam Province, Vietnam.”

Livingston added that they are “extremely happy and thrilled that this magnificent lunar meteorite will be proudly displayed at this beautiful facility — and this “Moon Puzzle” will certainly inspire students of science for generations to come.”

The meteorite will be displayed in a pagoda, and the public will be able to visit it.

A Historical Meteorite Piece

The meteorite was found in a remote part of Mauritania, north-west Africa.

NWA 11789 is the name of the 5kg lunar meteorite, dubbed as “The Moon Puzzle,” as it comes in six pieces that fit together. The NWA part of its name is from Northwest Africa, but the meteorite is also called Buagaba.

The auction house thought that the meteorite will fetch $500,000, but it seems it sold for over $100,000 more. According to the information from the auction house, long ago, the meteorite was blasted off the lunar surface probably by a different meteorite. Then, it traveled about 384,400 kilometers (238,800 miles) to Earth and did not disintegrate in the Earth’s atmosphere. Then, in 2017, The Moon Puzzle was found in the northwestern African deserts. The “partial fusion crust” of the meteorite were caused by heat as it traveled through the Earth’s atmosphere.

The description of the item at the auction read: “[it is] perhaps, the most significant example of our nearest celestial neighbor ever offered for sale in the history of meteorite science.”


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