Love Islanders Dress Up And Head To Soho For Glamorous Welcome Home Party


As any North American fan of Love Island UK knows, those guys and girls love nothing more than a party. So, what could be better than a glamourous welcome home party for the stars as they landed back in the UK?

The party, held at Soho’s prestigious Toy Room club, was hosted by entrepreneur and events organiser, Carl Silverstone, a friend of Love Island’s third-place finalist Josh Denzel.

A great turnout of Love Islanders made it down to Soho for the night, never ones to turn away from the limelight.  Guests included Eyal Booker, Niall Aslam and Kaz Crossley to name just a few. As they entered the club, paparazzi were out in force to catch a snap of the star’s immaculate style, with many journalists commenting that Kaz stole the show in a glamourous figure-hugging dress.

The Toy Room is one of Soho’s most stylish venues, with just a hint of cheekiness that makes it the perfect setting for the Love Island welcome home event. And with a 415-person capacity and a strict music policy of hip hop, it’s fair to say the party wasn’t small scale. As the name suggests, the décor playfully mixes classical children’s toys and characters with edgy cool. It’s the kind of place where almost anything can, and does, go down.
Whether the party was a last hurrah for the Islanders before they go their separate ways, or whether passions were reignited that night in Soho remains to be seen – but one thing’s for sure, this wasn’t a party any of them will forget in a hurry.


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