Look at What was Hiding Behind Greenland Ice all of this time


While searching for a massive impact crater deeply hidden under the Greenland ice sheet, scientists might have found another such crater not too much time away.

The new structure that is talking about measures 36 kilometers, 22 miles, in width and its title of an impact crater has not been yet declared. The Earth hides many more such structures that look like impact craters than there are actual meteorites that hit it.

A glaciologist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., Joe MacGregor, was wondering if they have found another impact crater, but that should be confirmed by the data. The team of specialists was excited to find a crater under the ice, but turning out being two, that was a surprise they have never thought of.

The possible crater

MacGregor was also part of the mission that was trying to identify the smaller possible impact crates which have been announced last year in November and dubbed Hiawatha. When the scientists try to figure out if something is an impact crater, they are looking at the central mound, a strikingly circular shape and the elevation features of a rim. Hiawatha looks like to be a meteorite impact because it was carrying minerals that prove that.

The second crater does not sport this mineral footprint and based on data gathered by 11 different remote sensing programs it might actually be from a meteor. Located 114 miles (183 km) away from the location of the first structure, to the south, there is a dent the data shows in the surface of the Earth. It is not as circular as the first one, but what is inside matters most.

Even though these structures are not too far from each other, it is impossible that they have formed at the same time. The moment of their appearance might have been 79,000 years ago.


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