London Residents will Soon Have More Drinking Fountains


The mayor of London has decided to implement and install public water drinking fountains. This project was needed in order to combat the pollution that comes from thousands of Londoners buying single-use plastic water bottles and then throwing them away.

How many drinking fountains will there be?

Sadiq Khan, the current mayor, decided to unveil the locations of the first four drinking fountains. The first one has already been installed in Carnaby Street. The next two fountains will be installed in the next couple of weeks. One of the drinking fountains will be placed in the Flat Iron Square while the other one will be placed in the Liverpool Street station.

Going back to our previous statement, how bad is pollution from plastic bottles? Well, just last year over a million plastic bottles were sold every minute which means that a lot of them were not recycled and ended up somewhere in the ocean. If people have a free water source they will go to it and fill their bottle with water, stopping them from purchasing and throwing out so many of them.

What is even more interesting is the fact that business or even landowners are allowed to apply until the 24th of April for a drinking fountain. This movement will also be followed by surveys conducted on the streets to gage out if people are happy with the new fountains or if things still need to improve.

If in the past drinking fountains were visible at almost every street corner, now they are few and far in between. This new plan is going to deter people from buying as much plastic as they are doing at the moment. Even if they do not carry their own bottle around to fill it with water, if they see a drinking fountain and they are thirsty they will just stop by, take a sip or two and go along their way. Everyone wins.


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