Lockheed Martin Creates Design For Lander That Will Transport People to the Moon


Trips to the Moon will become a normal thing in the future. Recently, Lockheed Martin, aerospace contractor, announced that it has created a design for a reusable lander. This lander should be able to take people to the Moon and back.

While this is just a concept at the moment, there is hope that this spacecraft will become a reality at one point. The lander was designed to transport persons to the space station that NASA is hoping to build around the moon.

“We want space stations around the Moon that can be there for a very long period of time,” space agency administrator Jim Bridenstine declared at a meeting of the NASA Advisory Council that took place back in August.. “And we want landers that go back and forth from that space station.”

The concept hasn’t been submitted yet

At the moment NASA hasn’t asked for submissions when it comes to lander designs. Nonetheless, Lockheed is prepared. “This is just us sharing some of our early design work to help NASA come up with their list of actual requirements,” explained Tony Antonelli, Lockheed Martin director of advanced programs.

Lockheed hopes that the lander will be able to run on fuel made out of lunar ingredients. A liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen fuel has been mentioned, in hopes that there is water ice on the Moon. “We still have to find exactly where the water is on the Moon and put a facility in place to harvest those resources,” explained Antonelli. “So the initial capability is you can fill it up at the Gateway and do a round trip. And then the capability also exists in the future when… you could fill it up on the surface, go up to the Gateway and back, also on a round trip.”


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