Lethbridge Shelter Undergoing Overdose Drills to be Prepared for the Worst


The Lethbridge Shelter and Resource Center is preparing itself by going through drills that simulate the response needed in the case of an overdose. they have been working to improve on how they act when preventing an overdose and treating it so that the patient does not die in the process. Saving lives has always been their goal.

How are they doing this?

Just this Monday they did one of these tests. The main goal was to show just how important it is to think fast on your feet when you are in an emergency situation. At least that was the case for the people involved.

The manager of this center, Collette Ryostock, let us into how this procedure is taking place. First of all, an alarm is triggered that alerts the staff that they have an overdose situation on their hands. They spring into action, taking their defibrillator and the naloxone kit with them, and going down to the area where the overdose person would be kept.  It teaches the staff to always be alert since they may never know when someone on the brink of death may enter their center.

They have been working with ARCHES for a long time. ARCHES supply them with the naloxone kits they need and it collects the data from the people that have come in from an opium overdose. In recent years the numbers of people overdosing from narcotics has risen at an alarming level. On some days the staff may see up to five people coming in suffering from an overdose. Yes, this situation may affect them on an emotional level but they know that their job is perhaps the line between life and death and that they are the people that can make a difference by saving a life.


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