Juno Captures Impressive Pictures of Jupiter


NASA recently published a photo of Jupiter that became viral on social networks. The photo was taken by Juno, a probe that is orbiting Jupiter in order to collect more information about the gas giant.

NASA notes that the picture is focused on Jupiter’s North Temperate belt. While the pictures have been captured by Juno images are usually enhanced and edited before they are released in order to highlight certain visual elements.

It has been recently discovered that the massive storms which take place on the planet are even larger than it was previously believed.  The storms are incredibly powerful in comparison to their Earth equivalents and now we know that they can span up to two 200 miles in the upper atmosphere, a discovery that may influence future missions aimed at Jupiter.

Juno was launched by NASA back in August 2011. The launch took place at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. It is a part of NASA’s New Frontier program which aims to learn more about our solar system.

After almost four years Juno reached Jupiter in July 2016. The spacecraft immediately started to explore the planet. Several sensors collect data about the planet’s composition, magnetic and gravity field and its magnetosphere.  The probe is also looking for hints that may tell us how the planet formed in the first place and if it has a rocky core.

Juno is not the first spacecraft to explore Jupiter as the Galileo orbiter first reached the planet in 1995. The design of the spacecraft is interesting since it was the first spacecraft to use solar arrays, which are usually used for satellites that are orbiting around Earth. In the case of Juno, the three solar panels are stabilizing the probe as it travels.

More pictures will arrive in the following days and several more are available on the internet.


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