James Webb Space Telescope Errors do not go Unseen


Even though NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope continues to make mistakes, it is still supported by the Congress contrary to lawmakers who are not satisfied with its performance. They dismissed Northrop Grumman which is a considerable aerospace contractor that does not let the telescope launch because of its errors. The year of its reveal might be later than 2021. The company’s chief executive, Wes Bush testified before the House Science Committee as a defensive. He did not want to mention the profits the company made last year.

The Webb telescope is the successor of the Hubble Space Telescope which was conceived in 1996 and hoped to be launch in 2007. The telescope is equipped with a segmented mirror measuring 6.5 meters in width, and it uses infrared rays, so it has to be kept cold in order to be used. To do that, a sun shield was used its measure being compared to a tennis court.

In April the telescope underwent a shake test which did not go as planned, so NASA needed to take care of the technical problems which made the project’s cost increase to $9.7 billion.

Bush found the reason behind the delays which stays in Northrop Grumman’s mistakes. In addition to this, he said that the past profits of his company and the potential futures ones would be piled and offered as an award in case de gadget will be as successful as expected.

However, he was not that excited when House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Tex.) wondered if the company will get $800 out of its pockets because of the overrun. He said that if this happens, their relationship with NASA will be impaired even though they are the one to blame for the delay of the project.


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