It Looks like Cholera is Making a Comeback on Vancouver Island


Cholera is a disease that spreads largely due to feces contaminating water sources. Yes, it can be passed from one person to another but that is very rare. It is more likely for someone to get it from eating or drinking from a source that has been contaminated. So, how can cholera infect individuals in a region such as Vancouver Island? We are here to tell you all about it.

The disease and how it spread

Recent reports done by health officials have stated that four people have been infected with cholera. What do health officials believe to be the main cause of this event? Well, after looking at all the possible causes they determined that the individuals may have caught it after eating infected herring eggs that were harvested on the coast of the island. There still needs to be some testing done in order to determine what strain of the bacteria is present in the case of these four people.

The health authorities are urging people to wash their hands before they eat anything and, if they or someone they know is in possession of herring eggs, to contact the authorities immediately. Moreover, if they feel nauseous, they start vomiting or they experience any of the other symptoms that are typical of cholera they should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Why do people call this infection so rare? Well, because after the outbreak of cholera in the 1800s that killed around 20,000 Canadians the disease was largely eradicated from this country. That is why it seems so peculiar to have it make a small comeback this year. All the advice that health officials have declared is just a way to prevent more people from becoming infected, a way to stop the problem at its roots before it spreads even more, if you will.


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