Is the Universe Full of Goop? Science Facts


If you take a look through a telescope, it’s most likely you’ll see lots of neat stuff, such as stars, which are actually very distant. But did you know that, between them, there’s something that could represent a thread for us, if we ever want to leave the solar system?

There’s a new study that showed that the interstellar space is, indeed, full of teeny tiny molecules of goop (which is really gross, if you ask us). These particles can be a thread for the future missions in space.

There definitely is something between the stars

It’s true, scientists have known for a while that the space between the stars is full of materials. These materials are made of various things, such as greasy molecules, which are based on carbon, and this study shows the exact quantity, which is a lot.

The study was published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Its central idea focuses on the process of composition of the greasy carbon parts.

The researchers tried to recreate the conditions where they think that the compounds are discharged from carbon stars. They found out that 100 atoms of carbon goop can be found in every million of hydrogen atoms created.

If we are to make some calculations, by applying the ratio to the galactic scale, we will find that forty billion trillion metric tons of goop are actually floating around in our galaxy. If we’re to do space missions, that’s a lot of goop to deal with, considering the fact that it can build upon the exterior of the spacecraft.

Some people asked themselves how’s even possible to see the stars if there’s so much junk in the space. Well, we have the answer. The dust is only a mist of particles and some of them are, indeed, carbon goop, but they’re so thin they cannot affect the way we see the stars.


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