Instead of Being Poked with a Needle – You can Swallow this Pill


If seeing a doctor approaching you with a needle makes you want to leave the planet, according to a team of researchers at MIT and Harvard, you will no longer need to get poked with a needle.

The team is working on finding the best solution to replace the painful and anxious experience of getting a shot, by gulping a pill instead. However, the techniques behind this pill are more complex. They want to make it autonomous, so it can find the best plays in your gut in order to inject the shot of drugs it is equipped with directly into the thick wall of your stomach. If you are a patient that hates needles, this would surely be the best way to get rid of the need to be shot. In addition to that, this experiment would also come in handy for people who get multiple drug injections every day such as diabetic people who need their insulin shots daily.

On the 8th of February, there was a report published in Science where the prototype was revealed by researchers. They presented the autonomous pill and the positive outcomes that resulted from tests conducted on pigs. Even though the research has just taken its first steps, if we take a look at the data provided by the team, this pea-sized pill could one day work in real patients.

The leopard tortoise-inspired researchers to come up with their prototype as when they are upside down their knobby shells help them roll out so no danger can touch them. With the image right in front of their faces, the researchers engineered a capsule which’s shape is similar to an acorn’s.

So no complications happen during the ingestion of the pill, the team decided to make it out of biodegradable polyester and stainless steel, both of these substances being safe for our bodies. The empty knobbed shell will be filled with drugs.


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