Indians Apply for Disability Checks by Complaining of Back Pain


When we think about people that live with disabilities we usually think of people that have been in accidents which left them paralyzed or of people that fought for their country and came back with war wound which left them incapacitated. Mental illnesses also fall into the spectrum of disabilities. However, a recent study published in lancet showed that over 540 million people stated that their disability is dealing with very hurtful back pain.

What is the situation like in India?

The report showed that in India back pain the fourth biggest for disability. It is just after anemia, migraines and musculo-skeletal disorders. How does back pain usually manifest? Well, it is a constant throbbing in your lower back are which can turn painful depending on the strain that is put on the muscles in that area or on the spine itself.

Doctors have warned the public that back pain hinders people from completing daily activities since it does not enable them to have the freedom to do what they want. Back pain is usually associated with people that work very long hours or who do not get enough exercise.

When does back pain become a disability? Generally speaking, back pain is only temporally, the direct cause of too much effort put on the spine. However, it can easily turn into a regular occurrence and that is when it turns into a disability to the individual.

In order to prevent this problem from getting worse, people should try to exercise their lower back region as much as possible. Yes, for those that experience this pain on a daily basis rest and medication is highly encouraged, it is not to say that they should not also try to incorporate even the smallest form f exercise into their daily routine and then move on from that. It may do wonders on the long run.


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