Incredibly Bright Radio Blast Sent from Deep Space


An astonishing bright radio transmission coming from deep in the universe has just been received by the scientists. The celestial object that emitted this energy pulse to Earth is called a quasar and it might help us uncover the origins of the universe.

The recently recorded quasar is the most vivid radio signal to have ever been received from the early universe and it is composed of massive black holes swallowing matter at the center of a galaxy. As a result of this, an enormous burst of radiation was sent to the universe by the brightest object that has been discovered so far.

Bright radio emission from deep in the universe

The radiation that was emitted by the quasar got to Earth as a radio signal and scientists believe that it came from P352-15, which is a quasar located approximately 13 billion light years away. This means that the burst of energy came from a time when the universe was still at its beginning, only a billion years old. Nothing like this was ever observed before by astronomers and it is the most powerful signal to have been received from that moment in time.

The quasar could give us an insight into the formation of the early universe

Based on this new detailed image of the far-away bright galaxy, scientists could now start studying the emission in order to find out more information about a point in time when the universe did not look the way it does today.

According to NRAO spokesman, Chris Cariilli, “We are seeing P352-15 as it was when the universe was less than a billion years old, or only about 7 percent of its current age.” He also added that the quasar observed now is from “the end of a period when the first stars and galaxies were re-ionizing the neutral hydrogen atoms that pervaded intergalactic space.” Future observations are needed in order to discover more details. This might allow astronomers to finally understand how the earliest galaxies were formed.


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