If You Can Do 40 Push-Ups You May Have a Healthy Heart


Strong mature man exercising outdoors in a park and doing push ups

If you are able to do a lot of push-ups, this is a sign that you are strong and that you are also healthy.

The study was conducted to test the stamina of middle-aged male firefighters. Those who were able to do more than 40 push ups in a row had about 96% lower risk of having heart disease or any other problems with the heart over ten years.

However, the study was done with male firefighters (that’s a very active job), and it is quite unclear if the results of the study can also apply to the average jobs. But the studies show that the ability to do many push-ups is a method to avoid the cardiovascular disease risk. The study was published on the 15th of February in the journal called JAMA Network Open.

We all know that being physically fit means you have better heart health. However, it’s quite difficult for doctors to see a person’s fitness level while they’re on a routine visit. Sometimes, doctors rely on treadmill tests to see the person’s fitness level. People are supposed to run on a treadmill until their heart rare reachers a certain level. But these tests take a lot of time and the equipment is very expensive, so they cannot do it at all times.

What was the purpose of the new study?

This new study wanted to test whether a push up can show clues about heart health. In order to see that, researchers have evaluated more than 1,100 firefighters from Indiana (their average age was of 39). They had to do a push-up test at the beginning of the study. Then, the subjects of the study were followed for ten years to see if they had any cardiovascular events, like a coronary artery disease, cardiac arrest or heart failure.


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