Hurricanes will Intensify More Rapidly Due to Climate Change


A new research that was published in the Journal of Climate suggests that as our planet gets warmer, the hurricanes will also start changing, becoming more intense, and this poses a great concern.

Hurricanes will start intensifying faster

According to this new study, as the climate continues to get warmer and warmer, the hurricanes will intensify faster, which is a very dangerous process. Furthermore, storms will also start progressing faster and more often than before, and the new research suggests that in rare, extreme situations, they could even become so powerful that they might be labeled “Category 6”.

Kieran Bhatia, who is the lead author of the research, mentioned that the reason why we will witness more serious hurricanes is that the storms will get faster. He said that the signs have been already there in the last couple of years, when extremely intense hurricanes became terribly powerful, such as the Hurricane Maria or Hurricane Patricia.

The research could be very important to future studies about the hurricanes and the climate

Enhanced computer power was used in order to show a representation of hurricanes in a global climate change model that depicts both the oceans and the atmosphere. What the researchers did was to simulate Category 4 and 5 storms and see where exactly on the plant they currently occur. Up until this point, this was something difficult to achieve. This is why the research could prove to be quite important for future climate-hurricane studies. The scientists simulated the hurricanes of the future and saw extremely big changes compared to those of the late 20th century. What was found is that between 2016 and 2035, there were 11% more Category 3,4 and 5 hurricanes, while by the end of the century there were 20% more of the worst storms.


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