Hurricane Florence Looks Daunting From Space


Pictures and videos published by NASA offer a scary visage as hurricane Florence approaches the continent.

Hurricanes are often hyped since they are impressive at their core, and they usually live up to the grim expectation. They were very active last year. This year however, hurricane Florence is to be set on wreaking havoc, and the perspective caught from space will further increase your chills.

An external high-definition camera placed outside the International Space Station was able to capture impressive pictures of the storm. It was also mentioned that according to data from a specialized meteorological satellite, the hurricane has reached category 4 and the 400 miles storm will bring severe rainfalls.

The hurricane is on its way to the East Coast, with North Carolina directly on its path.  Citizens have been already encouraged to make food reserves and consolidate their homes in order to better withstand the savage winds that often accompany hurricanes.

Last year, hurricane activity has spiked dramatically. There were sixteen hurricanes last year, and six of them were category 3 or higher, alongside 17 named storms. These were record numbers, as they have not been encountered before. All of the 10 minor hurricanes formed one after another, with no breaks between them, a feat took place only once before in the year 1893.

Three of the hurricanes proved to be particularly destructive. Harvey hit the US hard, bringing record amount of rains and over $200 billion in damage in Houston alone. Savage winds hit the Caribbean for more than 37 hours during hurricane Irma, and they managed to scrape entire communities from the face of the Earth. Maria raved Puerto Rico, destroying the central power grid and plunging it into darkness. Foreign aid was brought in order to mitigate damage.

While Florence looks threatening there are still chances for it to become tamer before it reaches the coast and the damage made may be minimal.


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