How to Measure Distances in Google Maps


Measuring distances is just another one of the great features you can take advantage of in Google’s app. You can calculate how far apart two or more points are, which comes in handy in a variety of situations: if you’re traveling and planning your sightseeing, if you need to visit several places in the same day, or you just want to find out the distance between two points. But how can you do it?

Measuring Distances in Google Maps Step by Step

  1. Open the Maps app or go to the Maps webpage in your browser.
  2. Right click on the first point of the measurement.
  3. Hit the Measure Distance option.
  4. Then, click on the endpoint of the measurement. Next, you will see the distance appearing on the lower half of the map. Moreover, you will notice a black line that appeared between the two points.
  5. If you want to measure the distance between various points found on the same route, you can just click on each of the points you want. You will simply continue from there with the following point.

There is also the possibility for you to use a circular route. In this case, you need to connect all the measuring points with the starting one. Next, you will see that the page/app displays the total length of the route you chose. Besides, you will see the total area of the space you encompassed.

Finally, as we previously mentioned, you can also use the Google Maps app on your smartphone or tablet to calculate the distance between two or more points. You just need to follow the steps above and look for the buttons that have the same names. Pay attention, since the place of the buttons may be a little bit changed, depending on what smartphone or app version you are using.


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