How to Maintain an Active Social Life And Save the Planet


Saving the world singlehandedly is a far-fetched ideal, but we should all try to do our bit. We’re all waking up to the fact that these days, a lot of the stuff we do in our daily lives can be a little problematic. It’s often said that there’s “no ethical consumption under capitalism”, but we don’t have to give up on having a good time to reduce our environmental impact. Here are just a few ideas on how to enjoy yourself sustainably.

Go out for vegan food

Restaurants aren’t always known for having the best impact on the environment, but if you go out for vegan food, at least you’re doing a little bit more to help save the world.

That’s because vegan food uses far less water in its production and it doesn’t contribute as much to the emission of greenhouse gases. Going out for a steak wouldn’t be a great choice if you fancy yourself as a true environmentalist, sadly – because it’s said that the production of red meat from cows is actually worse for the planet than cars.

These days, eating vegan isn’t hard and it doesn’t need to mean just ordering a salad. Plenty of cities across the country offer some amazingly creative vegan dishes, from vegan pizzas to vegan burgers and everything in between.

Socialise at home

If you live in the suburbs, getting a group of you together to go into the city to bars and clubs often means that you’re all riding in different cabs because nobody is quite able to be ready for the same time! If your friends all live locally, staying home can be one way to reduce your environmental impact. You won’t be constantly using disposable straws, you won’t be running up miles in the car and you won’t be waking up to loads of takeout boxes the next morning, because you can cook for yourself.

Staying in doesn’t have to be dull. Why don’t you consider a themed party? A casino night would go down very well and you can play at an online casino rather than trying to create one yourselves. You’ll find plenty of casino games ranging from video slots to classics like Blackjack and 21. Plus, the accounts are easy to open and help is available if you’re confused, to ensure your night goes smoothly.

Do some volunteering

Don’t write this one off without considering the social benefits of volunteer work. While it’s ultimately the idea that your goal should be to better the world, you don’t need to feel bad about personally gaining something from it, too.

If the environment is your passion, there are lots of different volunteer schemes that you can get involved in, to suit your planet-conscious interests. Get involved with a cleanup operation, help at a farm or go tree planting. You could even get involved with advocacy, protesting or teaching, which are also awesome (and wholesome) ways to make friends.

Driving around, tossing out plastics and being selfish only gets us so far in life. Have a little think about how you can change for the better.


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