How Does NASA, Tupperware and Outer Space Relate?


You may be just as baffled as we were when we heard about this. For a long period of time, Tupperware containers have become a staple for homes worldwide since they are amazing for storing food and keep it fresh. Tupperware containers are now a part of our daily lives so we may be wondering how NASA managed to turn to their advantage.

What is Tupperware doing in space?

Since a mission to Mars is in the works, scientists are thinking about ways to supply astronauts with fresh food for their journey. Fresh food is incredibly important for their diets. From 2015 to present times, NASA has managed to introduce more green vegetables into its astronauts’ diets through Veggie, short for Vegetable Production System, an orbiting laboratory. Foods rich in antioxidants have been known to increase people’s moods and also help protect them against the levels of radiation that have been recorded in outer space.

How difficult would it be to grow these plants in outer space? Well, not very hard if there is a way to water them properly in a zero gravity zone. Veggie managed to fix this problem by making astronauts inject water into the soil to help grow the plant.

In order to combat this problem the Tupperware Brands Corporation has decided to share its knowledge and expertise and work with NASA to develop a new system that will grow plants in space. NASA did have a project like this in the works, named PONDS, but work on it was stopped for a number or reasons. Now the two can finally work together on this project. The main goal is to create something that will not need to be constantly looked after by the team and that will increase the level of oxygen and grow properly. It remains to be seen what will come out of this.


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