How did Ultima Thule Appear?


Ultima Thule or how scientists know it, 2014 MU69, can be seen now in more detailed pictures. The New Horizons probe transmitted the latest images of the body, and it keeps sending the Earth the science data that the scientists need. Now, based on what they received lately, the snowman looking object is two connected spheres.

Because the object could not remain unnamed, the scientists decided to give the smaller ball the name Thule and the bigger one Ultima. This object has been being in the process of becoming this shape from the very early days of the formation of the solar system.

According to the leader of the New Horizons Geology and Geophysics team, Jeff Moore, New Horizons can be compared to a times machine because it provides us with information regarding the birth of the solar system. The scientists are very excited because they can now see how the beginning of planetary formation looks like.

The probe’s LORRI telescope offered the latest images of the 2014 MU69 when it was 18,000 miles away, and the spacecraft was less than 2,200 miles from the object. The Multispectral Visible Imaging Camera (MVC) has also provided color images which show that the surface of the object is reddish.

The reason why scientists are so excited about this celestial object is that it provides them with confirmation regarding their theories about planetary accretion which consists of specks of dust colliding to form object, all along with enough amount of gravity to attract each other.

The pair of spheres is being held together by the mutual gravity they have along with other smaller balls that keep them together but are not seen in their own.

It looks like scientists are finally getting what they have been studying for.


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