How Demographics Impact Internet Use


Over the last decade, the use of technology across all generations has been steadily on the rise. As a matter of fact, the gap between senior citizens’ and millennials’ use of internet technology has been reducing with the recent statistics showing that 71% of seniors visit the internet on a daily basis.

This is certainly a big shift from the traditional way how seniors used to source information from libraries, newspapers, postal newsletters, archives, and so on. Despite the number of users still being relatively low at the moment, the upward trend is certainly impressive.

Which Subgroup of Seniors Is the Fastest Internet Adopter?

In most parts of the world, well-educated, wealthy individuals have been the fastest adopters of the internet. This applies to seniors as well with the biggest chunk of consumers reportedly being well off. However, there is always a drastic drop in the use of the internet by individuals above 75 years of age.

Use of Social Media

A lot of seniors are now active users on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. In fact, according to the data from the infographic below provided by MedAlertHelp 44% of the elderly use social networking sites in their day-to-day internet use.

Smartphones and Tablets Usage Among Seniors

Even as the worldwide adoption of portable communication devices such as smartphones and tablets continues to rise at a steady pace, senior citizens haven’t been left behind. A good number of them uses both smartphones and tablets for their various internet needs. However, tablets are more common with seniors as compared to smartphones; on the other hand, smartphones are preferred by the average adult. Statistics show that 10% of seniors depend on smartphones for internet use, while 32% reported owned tablets.

There’s no doubt that the adoption of the internet as the ultimate resource center has come of age. Initially, the internet was seen as a young man’s tool; but this is slowly but steadily changing. As humans continue to depend more and more on online information, it is safe to say that the gap in internet usage among the various age brackets will gradually reduce even as technology continues to evolve.


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