Honey Pacifier is Causing Fatal Illness


After eating honey pacifier originated from Mexico, four children were taken to the hospital for treatment! Texas Department of State Health Services is warning all the parents to be careful with what they give to their infants to eat.

The children were hospitalized for treatment mid-August to October and they had infant botulism which is “caused by a toxin that attacks the body’s nerves and can cause difficulty breathing, paralysis and even death,” as the Texas Department of State Health Services explained in a statement.

The toxin that is eating the organ comes from the honey that for sure had a bacteria. This toxin is present in the baby’s intestine. The treatment needs to be done by a physician while being hospitalized.

Is indicated by the Centers for Disease Control that kids with the age under 12 months not to eat honey since their little bodies cannot fight the bacteria or prevent it from developing.

The symptoms of infant botulism that parents need to keep an eye on are constipation, floppy movements and trouble controlling the head, a weak cry, drooping eyelids, and difficulty sucking or feeding.

Even though the honey pacifier is not available in the United States, the item can be bought online or from specialty stores. The Federal Drug Administration posted a tweet saying they are trying to find the online ‘dealer’ who is selling the honey in order to announce him about the contamination and maybe take the product down.

There have been indentified more than seven cases of the infant botulism per year, in Texas, and this year ten cases had been confirmed but lucky since now there were not any deaths.

In conclusion, the honey can contain remains of Clostridium botulinum. It is ‘an organism that produces a potent neurotoxin known to cause severe illness in infants’.


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