Health Canada Recalls Eight More Blood Pressure Medication


According to Health Canada, the recall of other eight valsartan medications has been issued over concerns that the drugs may contain an impurity that increases the risk of cancer.

The agency stated that they had requested Teva Canada to voluntary recall eight blood pressure medication as a precaution.

The news comes after last month Health Canada announced that 28 valsartan medications were recalled because the drugs had an impurity called NDMA, which is a potential carcinogen that increases the risk of cancer after long-term exposure.

Sindy Souffront, a Health Canada spokesperson, stated that the recall was expanded because eight other medication might have traces of NDMA in the valsartan ingredient:

“These are different products that have valsartan in it. In the initial recall there was an impurity found in the valsartan used in these products.”

Teva Canada addressed pharmacists in a statement, asking them to see if they still have the recalled medications in their inventory.

The agency said that the recalled medications used a valsartan ingredient manufactured by a Chinese pharmaceutical company. They also stated that, in “the coming weeks,” they would release a review of the potential health impact of the NDMA impurity on patients that have taken the medications.

Check With your Health Care Provider

Phil Emberley, who is a practicing pharmacist and a spokesperson for the Canadian Pharmacists Association stated:

“There is concern especially with blood pressure medication. Don’t stop taking your medication without consulting first, because your blood pressure could go up and that could cause a whole host of problems … blood pressure can lead to a stroke or heart attack.”

He recommends patients check in with their health-care provider, adding that people must be aware of this issue and that “if the medication happens to be recalled, there are other options. There are similar medications in the same class that are going to do the same thing.”


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