Gut Bacteria Is Vital: Lower The Risks of Heart Attacks Eating Probiotic Foods



The human gut contains important microbiome that can determine the risk of atherosclerosis. According to a new research, atherosclerosis is a major cause of heart attacks. It’s the condition that narrows arteries because of the plaque that deposits on their walls. The study has been recently published in the Journal Atherosclerosis, and it focuses on opening a new way of treating the condition.

Keeping Atherosclerosis at Bay With Probiotics

The study included data from 316 patients from different groups. The samples also came from patients that had unexplained atherosclerosis – the traditional risk factors were not present, but they still had high levels of plaque build-up.

After seeing the results of the blood levels, Professor at Western University (London, Canada), David Spence explained the findings:

“What we found was that patients with unexplained atherosclerosis had significantly higher blood levels of these toxic metabolites that are produced by the intestinal bacteria.”

According to Gregor Reid – Professor at Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western University, the study’s findings can be used to finding a viable treatment:

“The finding, and studies we have performed since, present us with an opportunity to use probiotics to counter these compounds in the gut and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

He also believes that a new type of treatment of atherosclerosis could work. It can be achieved through repopulating the micro biotic environment in the intestine.

Probiotic Foods Can Repopulate the Gut With a Micro Biotic Environment

We can even start by having a healthy diet, adding these next foods rich in probiotics:

Yogurt and Kefir are the best probiotic, keeping a healthy gut flora. Dark Chocolate is both a probiotic and a prebiotic food. Sourdough Bread contains yeast and bacteria beneficial for the gut. Fermented foods like pickles also contain healthy microbes. Last but not least, Kombucha Tea is a healthy drink fermented from black or green tea, also containing yeast.


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