Fossil Of Frankenstein Crustacean Discovered In The Andes Mountains


Not long ago, an interesting fossil was discovered by paleontologists.

It seems to contain a weird-looking ancient crab that used to roam the Earth approximately 95 million years ago. The discovery was made in 2005, in the Andes Mountains.

The Fossil’s Strange Appearance

The most peculiar thing about this crab is its appearance. According to Javier Luque, who led the research, the creature, roughly the size of a coin,  seems to be a mixture of body parts belonging to other animals: larva eyes, frog crab claws, a shrimp mouth and a lobster carapace.

While this detail may surprise us, Luque said that finding weirdly-shaped fossilized creatures is not a rare event, as life was still in its developmental stages in those times, constantly morphing into new structures.

Another creature that presented body parts of other animals was the Chimera, in Greek mythology, with a lion head, a goat body and a snake tail. Because of this, the fossilized crab was named Callichimaera perplexa.

Conclusions After Analysing The Specimen

Using advanced computer programs, scientists were able to reconstruct the specimens in great detail, which gave them the opportunity to observe them even better.

After an in-depth analysis, scientists concluded that the crab spent most of its life in the water. They also believe it might have been an active predator, hunting smaller creatures with its big eyes, that were disproportional to its body.

The Unknown

This discovery proves there are still many details unknown to us about ancient times and early evolution of the species, which is equally exciting and terrifying. Humans are far from knowing everything there was before our times, but we are getting closer, step-by-step. We can’t help but wonder what other curious fossils are waiting to be discovered in the future.


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