First Batch of Christa McAuliffe’s Lessons Released by NASA


The first batch of lessons made by astronaut Christa McAuliffe was released; 32 years after the Challenger tragedy took place.

A video of astronaut-educator Ricky Arnold in which he performs one of her experiments has been posted by NASA. McAuliffe was a high school social studies teacher and part of the seven-people crew of the Challenger Space shuttle. She wanted to perform educational experiments in space but never got the chance as the shuttle launch failed, killing all seven crew members

The video received appreciation from June Scobee Rodgers, widow of the mission commander Dick Scobee and chairwoman of the Challenger Center.  Dozens of enter education employees were part of the event which took place during an annual meeting.  During a speech, Rodgers stated that since the accident she hoped that the educational project will continue, and many teachers have worked to make it viable.

The first lesson shows have a mixture breaks down to individual components. Other lessons are planned in the following months, including a practical explanation of the Newtonian laws of motion. Arnold has declared that it is an honor for him to complete the lessons and offer the legacy a chance to reach modern space enthusiasts.

During its launch on January 28, 1986, the Challenger Space Shuttle disintegrated over the Atlantic Ocean after a technical failure caused the right solid rocket booster to fail during lift of. Debris analysis proved that the O- rings used for sealing were not able to withstand the cold temperatures at the time of the launch. After the booster separated, the shuttle was broken apart by aerodynamic forces. The shuttle did not feature an emergency escape system as nine previous successful flights proved that the design was safe.

The accident was shown on live television and it remains the biggest space tragedy to date. NASA reviewed its security protocols and harsh tests are now used in order to prevent similar events in the future.


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