FDA Advises Parents to Stop Using Necklaces and Bracelets as Teething Remedies


No child would ever remember the pain they went through when teeth were coming out, but most parents won’t ever forget this experience. The baby is going through a lot of pain and the despair feeling is doubled by the parents’ frustration. The adults feel that they cannot do much for easing their offspring’s pain.

A lot of people turn to traditional remedies. They give their teething children necklaces and bracelets to soothe their achy gums. However, the FDA warns parents that they should stop doing this, because the habit is dangerous and inappropriate.

Jewellery can cause choking or strangulation

Earlier this week the FDA sent a warning to all parents with teething babies. The experts said that it’s dangerous to give a small child a bracelet or necklace as remedy for painful gums. These pieces of jewellery can be the cause of numerous accidents (for example, chocking or strangulation).

The FDA’s position was supported by Jennifer Hoekstra, specialist in injury prevention working at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She added that the American Association of Pediatrics also disapproves the so-called remedy.

This happens because there is no actual evidence to support the idea that necklaces and bracelets are effective soothers for the pain caused by teething. Despite the people’s idea that fashion accessories release succinic acid that gets absorbed by the skin and acts like a painkiller, no actual evidence supports this theory.

On the other hand, parents can use other safer and more efficient natural remedies for their teething babies:

  • They could give their child a frozen or cold tied or twisted washcloth for chewing;
  • Parents could buy special chewing toys and give them to their children;
  • Soft gum massages performed by using fingers and knuckles could ease the pain. Parents shouldn’t forget to wash their hands first;
  • A recommended dose of children’s acetaminophen can reduce the pain from gums.


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