Esther the Wonder Pig Got Cancer


Esther, the celebrity pig which got cancer

Esther is a social media superstar being followed by more than a million fans on Instagram and Facebook. She is a spoiled pig having her own clothes such as bonnets, coats, and even evening gowns. She received all these items from her fans online.

Esther, the Wonder Pig, weights 650 pounds and makes people cry out of cuteness when they come to visit her at the farm sanctuary in Canada.

There are a lot of domestic pigs around the entire world, and she is part of the group. However, you can deny she is the most swine on the planet. Her followers’ number grow more day by day with every cute photo posted. She is just too adorable!

What happened to Esther?

Esther the Wonder, Pig’s owners, brought her to a CT scanner in Canada after raising more than $500,000 with the help of her fans. After getting the CT scan, she was diagnosed with cancer.

The oversides pig was tested last week, according to a post on her official Facebook page “ Esther, the Wonder Pig.”

Derek Walter and Steve Jenkins, her owners, bought a large animal CT scanner and offered it to the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph. It was the first kind of CTto ever to reach Canada.

Based on the information provided by Free Press and Halton Hills Independent, Esther was diagnosed with four tumors in her mammary glands with one of them being cancerous.

The good news is that cancer has not spread and it is also in its early stages.

Esther’s parents did not leave her fans waiting, so they a post on Facebook explaining the situation and giving their thoughts:

“Thankfully, we found it early, and we’re going to fix it,” the post reads.


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