ESA Operations and NASA Have Joined Forces to Save the World from Asteroid Impact


April 29 announce the 2019 Planetary Defense Conference from Washington Dc, where all of the world’s asteroid experts are coming. The meeting plans are to participate in a test; a hypothetical asteroid impact exercises more precisely. The exercise is developed by NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office and the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency. NASA’s purpose with this test is to observe how the space agency officials, emergency managers, decision makers, and people will respond to an impact prediction.

Besides this, ESA Operations is the one that is posting the plot on Twitter, starting with the discovery of the asteroid called 2019PDC, to what can happen if it hits Earth. All the tweets are posted with hashtag #FICTIONALEVENT, making sure nobody will panic about this news released. The scenario is that the asteroid has a probability of hitting Earth around 2027; it’s 15 times bigger than the 2013 Chelyabinsk that hit Russia and made 1.200 victims.

Also, ESA Operations will continue the update daily, and they must post what the participants have responded in the name of astronomers, space agencies, and governments. If you go on Twitter and follow the posts, you will see that everything is getting worse. The impact’s evolution has begun from 1 in 250 chances to 1 in 100.

Although we know that in reality, we don’t have an imminent and real threat from asteroids, even if you think that at the base of the scenario, we have a real history of asteroid impacts. We could quickly go back on the dinosaurs’ era that has been extinct by asteroids impacts on Earth. So, everything is possible! Of course, NASA is the one that tracks their movements and in the future, they will have an alert system to predict those kinds of disasters to happen. Until then, check out ESA’s tweets and stay updated if the world survives or not.


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