Environment Canada’s Special Weather Statement: The “First Heat Event” is Today


A new special weather statement has just been issued by Environment Canada. The citizen of Toronto will experience what is known as the “first heat event of the season.”

The weather agency stated that southern Ontario would experience a warm and humid air mass today.

For the last Monday in May, Toronto will experience during the day a low of 30s C, with cooler nights, reaching almost 20 C.

Yesterday the temperatures were also hot, reaching 24 C at 5 p.m., in Toronto, but the real feel was 30 C, according to the information released by Environment Canada.

Drink Lots of Water and Stay in Cooler Spaces

They warn that these hot temperatures are a risk for people not used to the heat:

“These conditions pose a health risk when you are not used to the heat. Everyone is at risk from heat, especially older adults, infants, young children and people with chronic illnesses.”

Environment Canada recommends all people to drink more liquids in these temperatures, before felling thirsty. People must keep cool and dress according to the weather. They should also stay in cooler places for a few hours every day.

This weekend, Environment Canada issued another statement for Toronto and the GTA, warning that hot and sunny conditions could increase the levels of air pollution. However, the warning ended last evening. People may have felt the rise of air pollution, as they might have experienced coughing, irritation of throat, headaches or shortness of breath.

A Hot and Dry Summer

According to Senior Climatologist Dave Phillips, this year’s summer will be dry, unlike the last year’s rainy summer. The temperatures will rise above 30 C. Phillips thinks that this summer will resemble the one of 2016, but with less heat or humidity, and “maybe the Goldilocks.”

The official day when summer begins is on 21 June.


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