Elusive Icy World Hints Toward the Existence of Planet Nine in Our Solar System


A new rumor has been circulating among astronomers for quite some time. It is thought that near the distant limits of our solar system, another unidentified planet may exist. The recent discovery of little ice world far-away from Pluto seems to reinforce the theory.

Astronomers from the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington have unveiled details about the ice world, which has been nicknamed the Goblin. It was spotted almost three years ago during an investigation that searched for the supposed Planet Nine. It was classified then as 2015 TG387.

What raised interest now is the fact the icy world has an unusual orbit. Ranging on approximately 200 miles in width, it is located at around 7.4 billion miles away from the sun, almost 2.5 times more distant than Pluto. This is as close as it gets, and during its 40,000 years elliptical orbit, Goblin goes as far as 70 times farther, reaching a distance of more than 200 billion miles away from the Sun, in comparison to Pluto.

If we were to reduce the scale, we could imagine that the Sun is New York and Pluto is Los Angeles. Goblin would be situated somewhere in the Pacific, and at its farthest point you will have to circle the world 7 times in order to get to it.

Since Goblin goes far beyond the gravitational influence of our Solar System, researchers wonder how it manages to maintain its orbit and how the orbit developed in the first place. Several objects with the same uncommon orbits have been discovered and something may have influenced them.

In 2016, two researchers form the California Institute of Technology have elaborated a study that focuses on the existence of an unseen planet that may influence the movements of the small worlds.

Another theory by Ann-Marie Madigan, who is an astronomer at the University of Colorado, suggests that the orbits may have been influenced by the existence of an early ring composed of other small worlds but it this cannot explain everything.

For now Planet Nine remains a mystery.


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