Elon Musk Says “Probably 2028” When Asked When There Will Be a Mars Base


The BFR project is moving fast, as SpaceX already chose the Japanese billionaire to go on the first mission to the moon in 2023. But Elon Musk has another plan for the BFR. He stated his intention on Twitter, saying that a Mars base could be built by 2028. Meanwhile, NASA thinks that they might launch a crewed mission on Mars in the 2030s – and they’re still not sure whether it’s feasible.

A few days ago, Musk posted a photo of the Mars base and BFR rockets close by – a render. Someone asked when they will see these things happen, and that’s when Musk wrote 2028. Here is the conversation below:

The timeline sounds appropriate, considering that SpaceX has already said something about the BFR plans in the past. The rocket also needs to be tested in flight missions to see if it’s safe to carry people. Then, the company will start transporting people with the rocket – first around the moon.

In other speeches, Musk said that the company wants to send two unmanned BFR to Mars in 2022, and in 2024 two more. Each of the rocket would contain up to 100 tons of supply to start a colony on Mars. By 2028, there would be six rockets on the Red Planet, forming an early base for humans to move there.

However, the first BFRs are just being built, and small delays or things going wrong could delay their plans. Also, flights toward Mars must be done when the planet is closer to Earth – so missing a deadline by a few weeks means pushing back the mission by months or even years.

Building a city on Mars within ten years is an ambitious project which includes a lot of planning and developing. How will humans survive on Mars? How will they get enough water to sustain themselves and to fuel the rockets to go back home? According to past estimation, SpaceX said that each day, colonists would have to extract a ton of ice to get the water they need and fuel the rockets.

First, let’s see how the Moon mission presents itself, and then think of the Mars base.


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