Elon Musk Says Artificial Intelligence Might Be the First Martian Resident


Remember when Elon Musk warned about the AI and the danger we would all be in if it went unregulated? When he founded an organization named Open AI to encourage the development of AI through responsible machine learning systems?

Well, he is now sure that before humans get to Mars, the first resident that could be sent there would be an AI. It must be a sophisticated AI that will help humankind evolve and reach Mars and make it a habitable place.

On Friday, the SpaceX CEO was asked on Twitter if he thought that AI would be the first one to reach Mars before humans and his answer was a percentage of possibility – “30%.” We don’t know how he got to this percentage, but a report on Geek came with a few suggestions:

“It’s possible that it could be a rover-like bot that explores the planet, or a stationary device that makes observations and conducts experiments without human assistance.”

Inventing Tech for Future Mars Missions

At the moment, manned missions to Mars are still hypothetical, but most of the scientific bodies all over the world have been focusing on developing tech that would be used beyond our planet – on the moon or Mars.

Musk added that they would begin low altitude test flights next year and get ready for the first trips to Mars starting with 2024.

He also stated in an interview with the media in November, saying that it’s a 70% chance he’ll go to Mars, but there is a “good chance” he won’t survive the journey to the Red Planet or after the landing. This journey will be very risky and expensive, so not many people will be joining him.

NASA has also expressed their plans to take people back to the Moon and use the experience gathered there to send astronauts to the Red Planet in the 2030s.


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