Egyptian Aliens on Mars? A Statue Was Found by Curiosity Rover on the Red Planet


Curiosity Rover is known to send beautiful landscapes back to Earth. But this photo showing some pieces of rock has shocked many scientists. They saw among all shapes of rocks a statue of an ancient Egyptian warrior woman.

The first person that saw the image was Joe White, a space video journalist from Bristol. He thinks that the shape of the stone is an actual statue, proof that aliens lived on Mars and they looked pretty much like us…

A Small Feminine-Looking Statue Head on Mars

Joe White said that “I have found what looks like to be a small feminine looking statue head on Mars in Gale Crater in this latest Curiosity Rover picture from NASA. It resembles a carved depiction of the Egyptian female warrior wearing a helmet like some found on Earth from the middle ages.”

He also said that he observed a “possible symbol on the forehead and some very interesting facial highlights that look almost Egyptian in artistic style”.

The statue could be only a few inches, but it’s a proof that an ancient civilization lived on Mars. He has also a lot of photos from what Curiosity sent back home, and he saw many other artifacts like this one to prove that there was life on Mars:

“This is one of the few hundreds of similar artifacts that I have found on Mars in these recent years and may go further to demonstrate that there was an ancient and artistic civilization on Mars previously. The question is how long ago?”

Bearded Men and Boots on Mars

A month ago, an astrobiologist at the University of Buckingham, Barry DiGregorio said that he too has seen that statue image and he believed that Mars could have been inhabited long time ago.

In one of the photos sent by Curiosity rover, Joe White found a bearded Martian man and in a previous one, he saw the shape of a boot in Martian stones. It might be a coincidence, but this is new proof which made scientists even more eager to search for life on Mars!


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