Edmonton to Join the Global Campaign “March for Our Lives”


A group energizing for gun control reform at the Alberta Legislature was one of the hundreds around the globe on Saturday.

“March for Our Lives” protests traversed the United States and were held in no less than eight Canadian cities.

Abbey Axelsson talks about what should the government do

A Las Vegas shooting survivor was participating, too, focusing on the requirement for stricter gun control laws

Abbey Axelsson, the 19-year-old student, which was the coordinator behind Edmonton’s rally, said that the challenges conveyed a message to the ones who are making the laws.

The message said that they’re carefully watching them and that they see that they are giving kids a chance to die since they need to them to keep their weapons.

The worldwide challenges were summoned by survivors of the Parkland, Florida school shooting from the 14th of February, with the objective of featuring the requirement for stricter gun control laws.

What the people did

Local and worldwide demonstrators approached U.S. Congress to boycott assault weapons and to require universal personal investigations for gun sales and give courts the right to remove guns from possibly vicious individuals.

They’re taking the manner in their own hands

Clearly, the legislators have totally failed in such manner and they are not going to do anything at the present moment. They ‘re not attempting to ensure the lives of students, thus the students need to take control, as said by Axelsson.

A few youngsters joined Saturday’s rally in Edmonton, putting international pressure on U.S. legislators to change their point of view on the privilege to carry weapons.

That pressure is a piece of what will make them ideally change what they’re doing


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