Doomsday Prophecy States that we are Going to Collide with Planet X


It looks like we are never too far away from hearing another conspiracy theory that states that all life on Earth is going to end on this day or another by colliding with a planet or an asteroid. The latest story that follows this trend meant to scare people into oblivion and get doomsday preppers to pack up their gear is about Planet X and how we only have to live a couple of days in bliss since the 23rd of April is going to be the day of the crash.

What is Planet X?

The one who came up with this theory about Planet, which some people may know as Nibiru, is David Meade. The positive aspect of his theory is that we may not end up dead at all since the planet was predicted to crash into us a couple of times last year, due to Meade’s calculations.

NASA has also decided to pipe in last year in order to calm people and tell them that the planet Nibiru does not even exist so they should remain calm. The story of Nibiru has been used again and again under different forms for the same purpose but NASA still has to remind people time and time again that this planet is only a myth.

Like most of the conspiracy theories out there that refer to the end of the world as we know it, this one also seems to have its roots deeply embedded into a biblical passage, namely Revelation 12L1-2, which states that the end of the world is going to be caused by a sign that is going to appear in the skies. Many doomsday theorists have interpreted this sign as being a planet or an asteroid that is going to end up in Earth’s trajectory and cause Armageddon.


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