Donald Trump to Order the Pentagon to Create a Space Force


Donald Trump has flagged his aim to make a 6th branch of the US military, and it will indeed be crazy. The president of the United States of America has vowed to recover American initiative in space. He declared on Monday that he is guiding the Pentagon to make another “space force” as a free administration branch went for guaranteeing American supremacy in space.

Mister Trump imagined a brilliant future for the US space program, swearing to resuscitate the nation’s hailing endeavors, come back to the moon and inevitably send a manned mission that would eventually reach Mars.

The US President confined space as a national security issue, saying he doesn’t need China and Russia and different nations leading them. His administration is recovering America’s legacy as the world’s most unique spacefaring country, as President Trump said at the White House, where individuals from his space group joined him.

The quintessence of the American character is to investigate new skylines and to conquer new frontiers.

President Donald Trump had already talked about the likelihood of making a space unit that would incorporate bits proportional to parts of the Air Force, Army and Navy. In any case, his order will task the Defense Department to start the way toward building up the “Space Force” as the 6th branch of the US military. He stated that the new branch’s creation would be regulated by General Joseph Dunford, the director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

With regards to safeguarding America, it isn’t sufficient to just have an American presence in space. They should have American predominance in space, as Mister Trump stated. He also said that they would have the Air Force and they will have the Space Force, independent yet equivalent.


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