Donald Trump Criticizes other NATO Members Ahead of his European Tour


Before the start of his long-awaited European tour, the U.S. President Donald Trump decided to openly criticize some of the NATO members for not contributing enough to the common safety. During his visit on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Trump is set to meet the UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

Trump: NATO members do not spend enough on defense

Since he started his presidential campaign, Trump has been criticizing the lack of equality between NATO members. With some of the countries currently being unable to commit big enough funds on their defenses and making the goal of two percent of their gross domestic products on defense unreachable, Trump suggested that the U.S. will only help those who fulfilled their obligations.

Earlier this week, a few tweets were posted on Trump’s Twitter account. First, on Monday, the controversial politician stated that it is unacceptable that the U.S. has to spend much more than other NATO members, even though it doesn’t benefit the North American country as much as it does the Europeans. He then added that the U.S. should pay significantly less while others should contribute more. Right before he left for Europe, Trump tweeted one more time on Tuesday morning, mentioning again that the U.S. is spending way too much money to protect its allies, which is unfair. He also noticed that the Americans keep losing on trade with the European Union.

Replying to Trump’s tweets, the European Council President Donald Tusk reminded that when it comes to the defense, the Europeans spend as much as China and more than Russia. According to estimates by NATO, its 15 members will meet the required two percent by 2024, judging by the current situation.

Trump will meet Putin in Helsinki

While in Europe, Donald Trump will visit Great Britain, and then will depart to Helsinki to meet with Putin. Undoubtedly the eyes of the whole world will be turned at these two, especially considering the alleged interference of Russia in the U.S. election in 2016.


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