Does Planet Nine Really Exists in our Solar System?


Almost three years ago another planet ten times more massive than our planet Earth, was supposedly discovered in our Solar System.

All the evidence of the existence of this planet is debatable among scientist. Researchers Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown are continuing the search for more authentic evidence to include the new discovery as the ninth planet in our Solar System.

Even if in the Kuiper belt is expected to find a variety of unknown object, that orbit on random orientations, most of the distant ones orbit in a particular direction. Their angle is supposed to be equally and in the same direction. But the two astronomers Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown came with a new theory: the existence of a ninth planet that is pushing these object intro other orbits, chaining their random direction.

If this theory is proved to be true there will have place some serious consequences.  The 3D orbits of the Kuiper belt objects will be influenced by Planet Nine, an overabundance of objects in the long period orbits, a small amount of these objects should still orbit in a totally opposite direction and of course Planet Nine official existence.

Even if this new planet is real and massive would be very hard to see due to the light that falls as 1/r4, from the Sun.

Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown predictions are the only theories out that we can rely on and they counted a number of ten objects that support their theories.

‘These objects exist and their clustering is very unlikely to happen just by chance.’

In order to get a full report on these objects they have to observe different locations in different times with a high sensitivity to details and if they do not see anything odd, it is probably the phenomenon called detection bias.

Batygin and Brown used a telescope near the line of the equator on Earth and tried every night to see as far and deep as possible. The problems that they had to face, that made their research longer was the nature. As the weather is chaining, the air can be turbulent and poor visibility in the atmosphere.  But even with their work on discovering ten such objects, does Planet Nine has a chance to exist?

There was a hard working survey ongoing for hunting the planets beyond Neptun, the Outer Solar System Origin Survey that contributed with more than 800 objects. Three out of them show evidence pro or against Planet Nine.

The proofs that support Planet Nine are:

  • All of the eight planets orbit across an expanded variety of angles.
  • Statistically, the OSSOS discoveries are regular random.
  • The eight planets do not follow any orbit or tile pattern
  • The position on the right of one of them suggests two clusters.
  • The orbits are not clustered.

But even with these evidences, the theory of Planet Nine is shaking due to the fact that they did not it. It simply does not exist clustering this study to support the planet hypothesis.

However, the Planet Nine might exist in our Solar System and is waiting to be found. Mike Brown suggests a new approach; maybe a different survey since the OSSOS might simply not be right to prove the Planet Nine existence.


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  1. Over the years I have heard so many conspiracy theories regarding this planet nine in the solar system. But there is no substantial evidence supporting its existence so I am skeptical.

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