Deep Learning Explained – Added Clarity In This Term


Deep learning is a term that often appears alongside artificial intelligence. But what is deep learning exactly? And why is it so important? Read below to learn more.

According to a well-known computational neuroscientist the term is often misinterpreted. Internet conspiracy theories about robots that will steal our jobs and rogue sentient AI have cast a negative shadow on the industry, blocking out many of the positive results and innovations that may come as artificial intelligence is progressing as at a fast rate due to advances in computer and neuroscience.

For added clarity, we should first break down the differences between artificial intelligence, neural networks, deep learning and machine learning.

Artificial intelligence was borne in 1956, when American engineers wanted to create a program that imitates human intelligence as it learns new things in a step-by-step manner. While the field develop machine learning appeared. Unlike AI, which focuses on one task at a time, machine learning focuses on analyzing huge amounts of data in order to track down a specific object. For example, we may use machine learning in order to analyze a large amount of photos and learn how many people in those photos wear a red sweater.

As machine learning matured, two particular algorithms appeared. As the name suggests, neural networks follow the architecture of our brains. Deep learning algorithms have a specific, multilayered architecture.

 So what can deep learning do?

Deep learning programs are able to solve problems by analyzing sets of data. What makes them particularly useful is the fact that you can use the same program for different fields, without the need to modify the program, as it only needs a data set related to the object you want to study.

This means that deep learning can dramatically increase the speed at which a study progresses, as it is able to analyze valuable data faster, and with less errors.

Deep learning offers endless opportunity as the technology is perfected, at it remains to be seen how it will further improve our life in the future.


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