Curiosity Just Turned 6 Years And NASA Wishes It Happy Birthday


Let’s all say happy birthday to the Mars Curiosity Rover and the team that worked together to design, build, and supervise it!

On 5 August it got to the Red Planet and started working and solving many of the mysteries of the Martian surface. On Twitter, Curiosity Rover wrote:

“I touched down on #Mars six years ago. Celebrating my 6th landing anniversary with the traditional gift of iron… oxide. (It puts the red in Red Planet.)” Along with the post, Curiosity shared a photo of its logo and the red soil.

After Curiosity landed in the Gale Crater in 2012, it started exploring the distant planet.

“Science Rocks”

Many fans of the rover were impressed by the photo. Some of them wrote questions, while others showed their appreciation. One user even shared a comic with Curiosity and the first men landing on Mars carrying a birthday cake.

A Twitter user wrote: “I love how impressive it is that what appears to be stones and mud, something so familiar, happens to be in fact another planet that no human has ever stepped a foot in. But we can still get a picture as if it was taken with your phone camera. Science rocks.”

Other fans asked if Curiosity sang “happy birthday” to itself like when it turned 1 year in 2013:

“Did you stop and play happy birthday today?”

Others knew that it was a one-time song because the coordination has to be precise, and let’s face, it, who can hear it on Mars? And back in 2013, the rover only hummed the tune. If you’re wondering how it sounded, check out the tweet from birthday number 5., when the team showed the public more about Curiosity, saying:

“The reports of my singing are greatly exaggerated. I only hummed “Happy Birthday” to myself once, back in 2013.”

Fans on Twitter agreed we should all hurry to get to Mars and give this lonely robot a hung for its birthday.


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